Glasses for the computer


Wearing glasses for the computer could be hugely beneficial in enhancing your vision. Whether you use a computer regularly for work or leisure, looking at screens frequently can be tough on your vision, with your eyes having to constantly refocus in order to see the pixelated screen clearly. In the long term, this could result in eye strain and discomfort.

Glasses for the computer can help for a number of different reasons, but primarily it is because the lenses will improve your visual comfort and acuity. This makes it much easier to read the screen.

Do you need glasses for the computer?

You might need glasses for the computer for a number of reasons. If you suffer from presbyopia or hypermetropia, you will probably find it more difficult to see things that are close-up which may impact your use of a computer. What’s more, wearing the right lenses can help you to maintain a natural posture when trying to read the screen, reducing strain in your neck and shoulders.

If you already wear corrective lenses, it is worth making sure that they are suitable for use with a computer. Your prescription lenses may not be optimised for the distance between your eyes and the computer screens, particularly if your vision has changed recently. Similarly, if you are living with an uncorrected refractive error, this could cause unnecessary strain for your eyes.

Woman suffering from eyestrain whilst working on her computer

What is computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is a modern condition, resulting from focusing your eyes on a computer for long periods of time. It is sometimes known as digital eye strain and usually manifests itself through discomfort, dry eyes, headaches and neck or shoulder pain.

It can occur due to a number of reasons, including glare from the screen, poor seating posture and improper viewing distances. While the symptoms may stop after a break from using the computer, it’s helpful to wear glasses for the computer to help reduce any discomfort or strain.

Wearing glasses for the computer

At Essilor, we have a number of lens types that can help if you frequently use a computer. Varilux Digitime is a varifocal lens specifically optimised for digital screen use, offering easy-to-wear lenses for the computer. Improving your visual and postural comfort, these lenses answer the needs of those who regularly use the likes of computers, smartphones and televisions.

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Another lens that can be recommended for the computer is Eyezen. Eyezen is a single vision lens, actively designed to prevent and reduce eye strain caused by digital devices. Providing improved visual performance, Eyezen lenses for the computer support your vision as it switches from variable distances.

What’s more, Eyezen lenses can be worn for the computer even if you don’t require a lens prescription.

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