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Find glasses based on your needs, for your work, hobbies or your age category. Browse through the different visual solutions to find the best lenses for your exact requirements. Glasses are more than just a prescription; they are as unique as you. Make sure your glasses allow you to achieve your most whether it's at home watching TV, at work or on the road. 


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Find a range of lens solutions, glasses and tips on eyecare. Find exactly what you need by searching through our extensive range of age categories to either find information and eyesight solutions for you or loved ones. From babies and toddlers to over 60’s, there are glasses lenses for all ages. Each section will help answer the most asked questions regarding glasses for your child, your parent or even yourself.

Glasses by needs

Looking for glasses for a specific need such as myopia, distance vision or to resolve headaches, look no further. Click on the glasses by needs section to find the right lenses to support you. Not one shoe fits all and the same goes for glasses. Find out how to prevent certain eye conditions as well as managing them either with a visual solution or other preventative measures. Whether you’re looking to find out more for yourself or someone you are caring for, we cover a wide range of eye conditions and what lens solution is best to correct, prevent or manage them.

Glasses by activities

You can get lenses for extreme sports, driving, screens and DIY. Take the time to explore our lens options and eye healthcare guidelines to answer your lifestyle needs. Your eyesight is as individual as you so get the right lenses just for you so you make the most from your sight. Lenses for driving may not do the same job you require for fishing. Be comfortable doing what you love best with glasses and lenses that are made for your hobbies, jobs and lifestyle requirements.