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It’s important to find an optician near you that can provide the right eye care services, to help you look after your vision and eye health. At Essilor we partner with independent opticians across the country to bring you access to the latest technology and eye assessments, so you can feel confident in your vision. Our online tool to help you find an optician near you is the best way to locate your local independent optician with just a few simple clicks.

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What is an independent optician?

Independent opticians are usually smaller, local practices that may have just one or a few clinics in the area. An independent optician typically serves the local community with professional eye care services and great brands, and you will usually see the same optometrist each time. In this way, your local optician can get to know you much better, and vice versa. This can result in a much more personal service for the whole family.

Can you get an PRSI eye test?

PRSI eye test in Ireland, is free but only available for those who meet certain criteria.

To qualify for a free PRSI eye test, you must have paid Class A, E, P, H or S social insurance contributions. The amount of social insurance you need depends on your age. There are a minimum number of paid contributions for different age brackets.

If you aren’t eligible for a free PRSI eye test, you must pay your optician for an eye examination. This is sometimes known as a private optician. Most practices will have an eye care plan that makes it easier for you to access the right eye care.

How do you find your local optician?

If you’re looking for a local optician in your area, it can be helpful to use an online search tool to find an optician near you. At Essilor we have created an optician finder to help you search for an optician in your city, as well as by address or postcode. We have partner opticians all over the country, from Sligo to Cork.

Simply use the search bar to find an optician in your area. You can also book your appointment with an optician through our online tool. Once you’ve found an optician you’d like to visit, simply look for the ‘Request appointment’ button and fill in the form. Alternatively, you will find contact details for the optician if you wish to call them to learn more about their services. If you’re looking for a specific service from a local optician, our online finder can help you to narrow your search by lenses, vision needs and offers.

It’s never been easier to find a local optician that you feel comfortable and confident with. Be sure to attend regular eye examinations every 2 years, or more frequently if you have a history of eye disease in the family.

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Varilux lens offers

Take Two pairs of Varilux lenses with an exclusive offer from one of these participating opticians. Search for your local participating optician and book an appointment with them today.

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Essilor Stellest™ lenses

Find a local optician who can test your child's vision and recommend the best solution for their needs, whether it is single vision lenses or myopia control lenses.

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AVA - Highest precision lenses

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Advanced eye examinations

Opticians who offer OCT scans which will provide an in-depth picture of your overall eye health. Using cutting-edge technology your optician can capture images of your retina to detect early signs of changes that can lead to certain eye conditions. By detecting an eye condition early you will be able to prevent, treat or manage it much more efficiently.

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