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Exclusive offer on Varilux lenses coming soon

Get a different frame style or glasses specific for work or driving. Varilux lenses are available as clear lenses, with Transitions light intelligent technology and Xperio prescription sunglasses lenses. Search for your local optician using our optician finder.

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Sharp vision from near to far with Varilux lenses

See near, far and intermediate
distances with ease.

Varilux lenses are the number one varifocal lens brand recommended by opticians. You will be able to see near to far and everything in between with ease every time you put on your glasses. Find a local optician that dispenses Varilux lenses and book an appointment today.

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Are you light-sensitive?

Did you know 9 out of 10 people claim to be light-sensitive since lockdown restrictions? Light sensitivity can make daily life more difficult due to visual discomfort. Transitions light intelligent lenses naturally adapt to changing light outside and go clear when indoors so you can happily go about your day knowing your lenses will adapt to the ever-changing light conditions so you can get on with what you do in comfort. Your local optician will be able to talk to you about the best solution for your light sensitivity as well as being able to demonstrate Transitions lenses.

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