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Why choose Varilux lenses over other varifocal lenses?

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Varifocal lenses can be instrumental in achieving sharp, clear vision if you have presbyopia. Unfortunately, presbyopia is an age-related change in your vision and can’t be avoided, but you are not alone. Many others above the age of 40 will also experience a diminished ability to see objects close up.

It happens because the lens in your eye becomes less flexible, which makes it harder for your eye to focus on objects close up. It is a completely natural occurrence and usually results in wearing varifocal lenses.

Many people hear the word ‘varifocal’ and think they are getting old, but at Essilor, we believe this doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to Varilux lenses, you can benefit from modern, innovative lenses that can restore your vision as seamlessly as possible.

The first-ever varifocal lens

Varilux Since 1959 logo

In 1959, an engineer who worked for Essilor invented the first-ever varifocal lens. Bernard Maitenez designed a ground-breaking idea, resulting in the first lens of its kind. This would be a lens solution to change the lives of those aged 40 or over.

Ever since then, emerging technology has allowed the Essilor team to further understand the visual needs of those with presbyopia. Making sure we are able to deliver modern lenses that provide quality vision for today’s lifestyles, our Varilux lenses have pushed the boundaries of technology in the eye care industry.

What does this mean for you?

If you need varifocal lenses, knowing where to start can be tricky. How do you know which lenses are going to be best for you? It is important to understand that not all lenses are the same, and choosing the right varifocal lenses can make a huge difference in your vision.

Evaluated by 12000 people Varilux logo

Varilux lenses are developed, tested and validated by real people, making sure the lens design is perfectly aligned to the needs of presbyopes. Our range of varifocal lenses are designed based on your visual habits and behaviour as well as your visual acuity.

Put through rigorous tests to improve their benefits, Varilux lenses are tried and tested around the world in real-life situations. This ensures high performance and quality to meet your needs.

Did you know at least 1 pair of Varilux lenses are dispensed every 4 seconds around the world?

Find a partner optician

We work with a number of partner opticians across the UK who are able to provide the best varifocal lenses for your needs. These opticians can measure your lens prescription through routine eye examinations and check the health of your eyes, but they can also go a little further than that.

Varilux number one brand recommended by eye care professionals logo

Our partner opticians can also precisely measure your physiological features and visual behaviours, which means they can dispense the right type of Varilux lens that fits your lifestyle and behaviour.

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