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Try before you buy: Virtual reality lenses

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When it comes to trying on different lenses, it’s important that you feel comfortable and can get a real sense for how the lenses work.

What’s more, how do you know whether one varifocal lens is better than the other? Is the premium varifocal lens really better than the standard option? If you visit an Essilor partner practice, you can test the difference before you buy.

How do virtual reality lenses work?

Virtual reality has become a huge part of modern technology, and the optometry industry has not been left out. Virtual reality in optometry can be life-changing in helping you to choose the right lens design to suit your vision needs and lifestyle.

With a virtual reality headset, you can visualise the difference between lens designs by using your basic prescription. You can see the benefits for yourself.

Whether it is your first time trying varifocal lenses, or you would like to try a pair of photochromic lenses, virtual reality can make it much easier to understand your optician’s recommendations and explanations.

A woman tries Essilor lenses in an opticians using a virtual reality headset

An immersive lens experience

Varifocal lenses help you to see clearly at various distances including near, far and everything in between.

Wearing new glasses can sometimes take some getting used to. By trying them on first in a virtual experience, you can see the difference in reading areas and peripheral distortions when comparing Essilor varifocal lenses and standard ones and understand how certain lens designs can reduce the adaptation period.

However, this isn’t just available for varifocal lenses. Our virtual reality headset can also help you to see the effects and improvements with many different lenses, lens technology and lens coatings. This is instrumental in helping you to make the right decision when it comes to correcting eyesight, protecting your eyes health and enhancing your clarity of vision.

Understanding the different lens technologies

With so many different lens solutions out there, it can be difficult to know which one will suit your vision needs best. Photochromic and polarised lenses can be incredibly beneficial for optimal visual comfort, as well as style.

Our Virtual reality lenses can demonstrate virtual scenes to show you how the lenses work, and how they compare. You will also have the opportunity to try these in augmented reality so you can experience them in a real world setting.

The same goes for lens enhancements, such as Crizal coatings. Experience the difference between a lens with a coating and without, to help you fully understand the clarity of vision available.

To experience virtual reality lenses, find your local optician with our handy tool and select the ‘Virtual reality demonstration’ filter.


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