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Top 3 reasons to choose polarised lenses for your Summer holiday

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Polarised lenses are a unique type of sun protective eyewear that offer genuine benefits for maintaining healthy vision. If you’re on the lookout for a new pair of sunglasses for this year’s summer holiday, you might want to consider looking into a pair of polarised lenses.

Polarised lenses are different from regular sunglasses in a number of different ways. They can offer benefits in regard to visual comfort, UV protection as well as being stylish and versatile. In our latest blog, we’ll discuss why you should choose a pair of polarised lenses for your summer holiday.

Benefits of wearing polarised lenses

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, there are many different features to look out for. These can include anything from the aesthetic look of the frame to how comfortable they are to look through, as well as the importance of quality UV protection.

It is often said that polarised lenses are helpful for activities such as driving and water-based hobbies. This leads us perfectly to reason 1 for choosing polarised lenses.

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Reason 1: Reducing glare

The main feature that sets polarised lenses apart from regular sunglasses, is the ability to reduce glare. Glare is caused by reflective sunlight that bounces off of flat surfaces, which can reflect into your eyes and cause severe discomfort. Flat surfaces can include your dashboard, other cars, roads or bodies of water. The result is blinding glare which can affect activities like driving, fishing or sailing. Regular sunglasses will reduce brightness, but aren’t designed to combat glare.

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Polarised lenses are able to filter out the intense glare caused by the reflected light. This results in better comfort and enhanced protection for your eyes. As it’s highly likely that your summer will include bright light somewhere along the way, polarised lenses could be an advantageous choice.

Reason 2: UV protection

UV protection for your eyes is just as important as protection for your skin. Polarised lenses from Essilor offer the highest level of UV protection within our range when combined with a Crizal coating.

Overexposure to UV light has been linked to eye diseases such as cataracts(1). You can reduce this risk by wearing UV protective eyewear(2). This is incredibly important for maintaining healthy vision.

Reason 3: Style

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Protect yourself in style! Functional sunglasses don’t have to be boring. Xperio polarised lenses come in a range of colours and mirror finishes so you can still wear the latest styles and fashion trends, while protecting your vision. Iconic colours; Brown, Grey and Grey/green offer enhanced colour perception and fashion colours; Blue Ink, Blue Purple, Blue Sky and Violet let you show off your new look, all while enhancing your visual comfort.

Visit your local optician today to find out more about Xperio Polarised technology.

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(1) Cataract:, McCarty CA, Taylor HR. A review of the epidemiologic evidence linking ultraviolet radiation and cataracts. Dev Ophthalmol. 2002; 35:21-31. and

(2) Eye health relies on various factors (age, genetic, smoking, diet …). Light is one of the modifiable risk factors on which an ophthalmic lens may act.

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