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Finding the right lenses for presbyopia

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As you get older, you will likely notice some changes in your vision; usually involving an increased difficulty to see objects close up. This is a completely natural occurrence and you’ll start to experience it once you reach 40.

Known as presbyopia, it is part of a group of refractive errors that also include long and short-sightedness. If you notice any changes in your vision, it is important that you visit your optician for a routine eye examination.

If you think you have an age-related vision problem, it is easily solved by wearing lenses for presbyopia.

Regain clear vision

If you begin to develop presbyopia, it is likely you need to update your glasses for a new prescription. It can be a little disheartening, as it is a natural sign of ageing; but you aren’t on your own and it will affect everyone at some point!

Woman suffering from eye fatigue due to presbyopia and not wearing varifocal lenses

Having uncorrected presbyopia can cause symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurry vision, which can be a huge interruption to your everyday life. Luckily, presbyopia is usually noticed during a routine eye examination, where your optician can offer the right lenses to suit your needs.

Finding the right lenses for presbyopia is important as it can help you to regain sharp, clear vision. This is key as you no doubt have an active and busy lifestyle at the age of 40 or above, with children, work and a social life to balance!

Glasses for presbyopia should be able to support your lifestyle. Modern solutions include varifocal lenses, which can provide true vision and are easy to adapt to.

Varifocal lenses for presbyopia

Modern solutions for presbyopia are better adapted to your lifestyle than previous designs. For instance, some of the most important things in life happen within arm’s reach, whether it’s interacting with family, working at a computer or reading the news. With varifocal lenses, you can see everything up close and at arm’s length with ease. Look for varifocal lenses that are enhanced for near-vision work so that they keep up with your multi-tasking lifestyle.

Mum multi-tasking, holding baby while working on laptop

Varifocal lenses for presbyopia differ hugely from their predecessors, bifocals. Technology has allowed for multiple vision zones across the lens without any visible lines of separation. So, if you’re a little self-conscious about needing glasses for presbyopia, you can eliminate the dated appearance of bifocals with ease.

Personalising your lenses for presbyopia

Adapting to wearing new lenses can be difficult, but thanks to new technology it’s never been easier. You can also make sure your lenses are personalised to your physiological and visual behavioural needs. This can make your visual experience more comfortable and natural.

If your lifestyle often includes working for long periods on a computer, there are lenses for presbyopia perfectly optimised for screen time. Similarly, if you often find yourself driving a lot, varifocals designed for driving are a great solution.

New Advanced Vision Accuracy technology from Essilor now allows for even more accurate measurements. This means your eyes can be measured to 0.01D, which can result in more precise lenses. This can make all the difference when it comes to experiencing comfortable vision.

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