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Top tips to prepare yourself for the new golf season

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Despite the recent bad weather, golf season is only around the corner, and soon it will be time to brush the dust off your clubs and get out on to the green. The golf course can be a tricky place, whether you are an avid golfer or play for fun, thanks to the level of skill, patience and focus are required in each swing.

When you’re out on the golf course, there are several interruptions to your vision that may affect your ability to see clearly. Poor vision can be a big distraction to your game, so consider investing in the right lens solutions to ensure your eyesight is sharp and clear.

Achieving the best vision on the golf course

The golf course can be a glorious place in the sunshine, but this can cause many disturbances for your vision. Bright light conditions and any contrast between light and shadow across the fairway can make it tricky to see clearly. What’s more, if you have a refractive error, it may be more difficult for you to see up close or into the distance depending on your vision abilities.

Golf ball blurred due to refractive error

If you notice your vision is starting to bother you on the golf course, consider making an appointment for a routine eye examination to make sure everything is fine with your eye health.

You no doubt take great care over choosing the right clothing, footwear and clubs for your golf experience; so why not make sure you have the proper eyewear too? It could make a massive difference to your performance.  

Tackling the enemies of clear vision

If you already know that you have myopia or hypermetropia, you may already wear glasses. If you have uncorrected myopia or hypermetropia, you may notice that you struggle to see things clearly at different distances. 

For instance, if you are struggling to see the hole in the distance, or perhaps it is difficult to read your scorecard, you may need to wear glasses when playing golf. Single vision lenses can help to correct this.

You may notice a change in your vision as you reach your 40s which may hinder your golfing abilities. This natural ageing of the eye is known as presbyopia and is a change where you may find it difficult to see objects close-up. If you already had myopia, also known as short-sightedness, then you may need to wear varifocal lenses to tackle the variable distances involved in playing golf.

Of course, even if you have clear vision, there may be external factors that play a role in obstructing your eyesight. 

Looking after your eyes

Apart from your ability to see clearly, your eye health is also essential. Bright light reflecting off a horizontal surface, such as a nearby body of water, can cause glare, which can be very uncomfortable for your eyes. 

Glare reflecting off of water on golf course

Similarly, if you are playing golf in the sun, you may want to consider investing the right UV protection for your eyes. Polarised lenses can provide the right solution to combat glare and protect you from UV light. 

Our polarised lenses offer the highest level of UV protection within our range, making it easier to enjoy golf in the sun without damaging your vision.

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