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How to improve your wellbeing through optimal vision

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Your vision plays such a huge part in your life, and your quality of life can feel depleted if your vision starts to falter. It can be a reality check if you think about poor vision and how it would impact your lifestyle. Things would certainly be a lot more difficult if you couldn’t see properly, including driving, reading and playing sports.

Whether it’s wearing a pair of prescription lenses, or taking adequate steps to protect your eyes from harmful light, it’s important to look after your vision as it can affect your overall wellbeing and health. In our latest blog, we take a look at the different ways looking after your vision can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

UV protection for your eyes

Overexposure to UV light, in particular UVB rays, can result in sunburn and may increase your risk of developing skin cancer. These are things that most people already know, but did you know that you should also protect your eyes from UV light?

Another type of UV light, UVA rays, can pass through the cornea of your eye and into the retina, which can lead to health issues. Too much exposure to these rays is a contributing factor to eye disease like cataracts(1).

To maintain optimal vision and reduce your risk of health problems, it is crucial that you adequately protect your eyes from UV light. You can do this by wearing suitable sunglasses. It’s important that you invest in sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays for optimal protection.

Man and woman wearing sunglasses riding bikes

At Essilor we offer UV protective lenses to suit all lifestyle requirements, including photochromic lenses. Designed to adapt to the changing light conditions, photochromic lenses have responsive technology to provide an enhanced visual experience; resulting in optimal wellbeing and comfort.

Preventing headaches

Headaches and migraines can really get in the way of your day; in some cases it can be completely debilitating. If you suffer from headaches, you might have a problem with your vision. Uncorrected vision problems can result in straining your eyes and making them work harder, which can result in you experiencing frequent headaches.

Physical triggers of migraines can include tiredness, poor posture and neck or shoulder tension. All of these can be linked to your vision.

Man wearing spectacles looking at laptop holding his neck in pain

Wearing the inadequate or outdated lenses can often result in poor posture from trying to look through the a certain part of the lens. This can lead to tension or pain in your neck and shoulders. This is because older versions of single vision lenses were designed for just distance vision and not for close up vision, such as when you’re looking at your smartphone. With previous single vision designs you would have to lower your head to look through the centre of the lens to see clearly, this change in head declination can result in poor posture and neck pain. Consider single vision lenses designed for modern lifestyles to alleviate neck and shoulder tension.

It is a similar story with previous varifocal lenses which were designed for fields of vision within a singular plane, looking from a book up to your desktop screen and up to your distance vision, all in one vertical movement. Our modern lifestyles have changed incredibly in the last decade, especially our near vision zone. For example look at your desk, you’ll have your notepad, mouse, keyboard, phone, tablet and books all within arm’s around you. These multiple targets would require you to turn your head to see the item clearly through your lenses, whereas modern varifocal lenses have been designed so that you can capture multiple targets with just one gaze direction meaning you no longer have to constantly turn your head to see clearly and in turn lessening the tension put on your neck.  

Man working at a messy desk

If you often use digital devices, you might suffer from eye strain or tired eyes. This can make it difficult to get through your day-to-day tasks, particularly if your job involves the frequent use of a computer.

If this sounds familiar, you should see your local optician and attend an eye examination. Wearing the right lenses can help to correct your vision and may reduce or prevent symptoms of discomfort, so you can get on with your day.

Shielding your eyes from glare

Another occurrence that can be hazardous to your vision is glare. Glare and reflections can often interrupt your vision and make it very difficult to see; sometimes even resulting in temporary blindness.

Glare is common on roads, snow or bodies of water because the bright light can bounce off of their flat surface. This can cause a great inconvenience for those who regularly drive or take part in water and snow sports.

An elderly couple on a beach looking at the sea

It’s important to protect your vision from glare in order to maintain clear vision, both for your safety and the safety of others around you. You can wear polarised lenses that are specifically designed with a filter to eliminate blinding glare, resulting in the ability to see better in bright light conditions.

Polarised lenses can also make an important difference to those who suffer from light sensitivity, enhancing your overall wellbeing and reducing discomfort.

Talk to your optician today and discuss your lifestyle to ensure you get the best visual solution to improve your overall wellbeing.


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(1) McCarty CA, Taylor HR. A review of the epidemiologic evidence. linking ultraviolet radiation and cataracts. Dev Ophthalmol. 2002; 35:21-31.

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