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Get ready for summer with the right sunglasses

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Summer is only around the corner, with the temperatures creeping up and daylight hours getting longer. It’s definitely a favourable and sociable time of year, but in the excitement of the weather, it’s easy to forget to protect yourself adequately from the sun. Protection from the sun doesn’t just include covering up and applying sun cream. It’s also hugely important to protect your eyes from the sun too. So, if you’re looking forward to summer, here’s a guide on just how important protective sunglasses are.

Protecting your eyes from UV light

UV light can have a detrimental effect on your eyes and its primary source is the sun. If you expose your eyes to too much sun without the right protection, you could be at higher risk of developing cataracts(1).

Your eyes naturally have a filter, crested by the cornea and crystalline lens. This filter absorbs UV light to protect the retina. However, wearing the right sunglasses will block UV rays from reaching your eyes in the first place, helping to prevent any potential damage to your cornea and crystalline lens.

The sun can be very distracting

Apart from the cumulative damage from UV light, the bright light from the sun can be very distracting. Bright sunshine often creates harsh and blinding glare, particularly on wet surfaces. As everyone knows, the British summer can experience its fair share of rain and sunshine in one go!

Rain or shine your driving glasses are prepared for all driving conditions

Glare can also be caused by the sun bouncing off of the road and other cars. This can cause great discomfort making it harder to go about your daily business and could potentially be dangerous.

If you suffer from light sensitivity, also known as photophobia, this could be a very challenging season for you. You could experience anything from mild discomfort to severe eye pain. Photophobia can be caused by sunlight, reflective surfaces and glare from water. It’s important that you take the right steps in trying to reduce your discomfort.

How to protect your vision from UV, bright sunlight and glare

At times there’s not much you can do to avoid the sun, apart from wearing the right protection. If you often find yourself battling harsh glare when out and about, consider the benefits of wearing Xperio Polarised lenses.

The technology behind these lenses can counteract glare from the sun. Glare is the result of light reflecting off horizontal surfaces, which means the light itself is concentrated horizontally. This can be incredibly uncomfortable. Xperio Polarised technology only allows vertical light through the lens.

Xperio Polarised can therefore make it safer for driving and also protects your eyes sufficiently from UV light. The technology offers the highest level of UV protection amongst the Essilor range. So, whether you’re driving to lunch, taking part in watersports, or simply just out and about enjoying the weather, you can do it with clear, comfortable vision.

Discover a range of sunglasses of styles and colours to match all looks

Xperio Polarised technology with your prescription and in a range of colours to match any frame choice. You can also have a mirror finish as part of your lens solution to create a real striking look.

Talk to your optician about Xperio Polarised technology today

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(1) Cataract:, McCarty CA, Taylor HR. A review of the epidemiologic evidence linking ultraviolet radiation and cataracts. Dev Ophthalmol. 2002; 35:21-31.

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