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We believe passionately in correcting and protecting eyesight

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Our mission is to improve lives by improving sight


We do that by creating innovative lens solutions tailored to each individual’s vision and their lifestyle needs.


What drives us is knowing that good vision is essential for our everyday well-being and quality of life. Seeing well enables us to learn, work, and fully interact with the world around us.


Everyone deserves good vision.


Based in Bristol, Manchester and London, United Kingdom and Blessington, Ireland, our lenses are designed in France, manufactured locally and distributed worldwide.



Our optical lenses are systematically developed, tested and validated by people like you, because we only want to create innovations that are relevant to you and it’s our commitment to innovate visual solutions built around you. It’s your approbation that validates our innovations.

We anticipate major social trends like an ageing population, a high growth in wearers or new wearer habits and overcome the visual challenges brought on by these changes. 

Motion sensors used to research and develop Essilor lenses



We believe in a fair, sustainable future - one where every individual has access to primary eye care services and good vision. The ambition is to eradicate poor vision from the face of the earth in one generation.

Since 2013, the company has dedicated a special focus on the 2.5bn people who remain uncorrected due to lack of awareness or access to eyecare professionals and solutions.

Our sustainability goals go further than just inclusive businesses and programmes, we are always optimising our environmental footprint and engaging in dialogue with our many stakeholders to uphold ethical business dealings.

Essilor's sustainability and environmental footprint



In partnership with local schools and eye care professionals from the community we help assist and conduct vision screenings for children. Our staff and partnered opticians can look for anomalies in a child's vision all in a safe and comfortable environment, their school. If anything is spotted they are referred for a full eye examination so that underlying eye conditions can be identified and corrected early. 

Good vision is important to a child's education and way of life.

All children deserve good vision.

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We partner with some of the most reputable eyecare professionals who administer advanced eye examinations and deliver industry leading dispenses.

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Be part of a company that encourages entrepreneurial spirit and offers all talents great professional challenges and enriching careers. Essilor has a wide variety of job areas including customer representatives, sales, marketing, engineering, operations, production or instruments and equipment as well as finance, HR and information technology.

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Every lens we create is a combination of multiple complementary technologies that correct your
vision, protect your eyes from light and enhance clarity.



Correct your vision

Varifocal corrective lens design. You are able to see close-up, far and everything in between, with visual comfort. For wearers who are 40+.



Correct your vision

Single vision corrective lens design. Enhanced everyday lenses, designed to prevent or reduce eyestrain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices.



Protect your eye health

Light intelligent technology for your lenses giving you effortless vision. Transitions helps reduce glare, eye fatigue and eye strain by reacting to UV and visible light for the perfect tint in every light.

Eye Protect System

Eye Protect System

Protect your eye health

With Eye Protect System applied, your lens solution helps protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet light and ultraviolet light all day, everyday indoors and outdoors.



Protect your eye health

Sun lens technology that protects your eyes from UV light and can reduce blinding glare, so you have optimal vision no matter how bright it is outside. Available in a wide range of colours and mirror finishes to match any frame and style.



Enhance your clarity

Combine Crizal to enhance your total lens solution. A treatment which improves sharp vision, lens aesthetics and protects your lenses from the enemies of clear vision.




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