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Who are Essilor?

Simply put, we make the lenses for your glasses so you can see clearly, but we do so much more than this!

With over 150 years of history, we have pushed the boundaries on what your eyes can achieve. We invented the varifocal lens in 1959 to help combat presbyopia, an eye condition that will affect each and every one of us in our later years.

Now, our lens solutions do more than just correct your eyesight but also protect your eye health and enhance your clarity of vision. We have a range of lenses for all ages and lifestyles.


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Your vision solution

Your glasses are made up of two key components; your frame and your spectacle lenses.

Our lens solutions correct your vision, protect your eye health and enhance your clarity of vision.

Correct your vision

You can correct your vision with two types of lens designs; single vision lenses for wearers of all ages or progressive lenses for wearers who are 40+. You can combine your corrective lens design with protective technology and lens enhancements.

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Protect your eye health

Your lenses can protect your eyes from harmful UV and Blue-Violet light supporting you in the prevention of long-term eye health complications. You can combine protective technologies with corrective lens designs and lens enhancements.

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Enhance your clarity

Enhance your lenses to deliver the sharpest vision and guard the lens against everyday elements such as water, dust, smudges, scratches and harmful UV and Blue-Violet light. You can combine enhancement technologies with corrective lens designs and protection technologies.

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Explore a range of delicious recipes that promote good eye health and sight. Add some of them into a balanced diet and start supporting your eye health today.


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Road safety starts with good vision

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See better. Feel safer.

Road safety starts with good vision.

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*Varilux, #1 progressive lens brand worldwide. Euromonitor, 2018 data; Retail value amongst spectacle lenses' category, brands representing progressive lenses.